Since 2002 Higgins Power Solutions has been dedicated to supplying Contractors with quality engineered products. Ray Higgins a Native Floridian and State Licensed Electrical Contractor along with his son Rich Higgins sought out to create a lightweight, longer lasting and stronger product to mount heavy duty electrical equipment. Known as “Higgins Power Post”. Over the course of two years scrutinize product testing began testing lightweight materials molded in the form of a Post/Pedestal. Many of the products initially tested failed to meet the expectations required. In late 2001 we began testing on a resin reinforced fiberglass product that was spec’d to our requirements. Instantly it became apparent we were on the right path. Testing continued for another year wherein several samples were put through extensive stress to see how the product handled abuse. It passed every test. In Late 2002 Higgins Power Solutions was incorporated in the state of Florida. Marketing began shortly after starting with local Electrical parts houses in Palm Beach County. Since then it has been strongly adopted by Building Official’s throughout the state of Florida, and many others across the United States.


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